Principles and Expectations


  • An “Unfestival”: Teams throughout the Boston metro area independently manage pre-festival planning and execution on the 2-day event.
  • Practitioner-led: People with experience doing work should lead activities in areas of their expertise.
  • Bootstrapped: Do what you can with what you have (avoid fundraising or donations when possible).
  • Decentralization: Keep your organizing as small and close to the action as possible.
  • Give as much as you get. If you’re not showing your group’s vision and participating in the vision of other groups, you’re doing it wrong!
  • Play… seriously: Play is just as important for adults as for children and it allows us to imagine new possibilities.
  • No pitching, selling, or advertising: Small, local businesses may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Expectations for Each Team

  • Assemble a collaborative team with lead(s) who are responsible for team organization and management.
  • Define the problem/issue to be “solved.” (Example: Our collective red meat consumption is too high)
  • Brainstorm to collaboratively develop a planned solution (Example: Work with restaurants to have a vegetarian special on the menu for July 8-9).
  • Pinpoint location of implementation (this could be a single location, multiple locations, or an area like a neighborhood or park) (Example: the cities of Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville)
  • Share the following information for your team on the vision list: team members (including the team lead), defined problem, goals, plan, location, and how additional participants can assist/ join the team (if applicable).
  • Send a description of your project using this template to so we can add it to the events page.
  • Independently organize, project manage, and execute the team’s plan for the 2-day event.
  •  Celebrate bringing your vision to life!