Neighborhood Storytelling and Book Making

Inspired by the Neighborhood Story Project and Story Loft, this project will bring groups of neighbors together to listen to each other’s stories and then create a physical record documenting those stories for the participants.

What will it look like?

On Saturday, a group of neighbors will gather together to hang out, hear, and record each other’s life stories. Using Pop Up Archive, the stories will be automatically transcribed into text. Then, each participant will get to add photos and other visual elements to their story and have the stories combined into a simple chapbook or maybe even a real book (using something like Blurb). Depending on how much energy participants have… maybe it’ll even be up for purchase/sale (at cost).

Are you interested in participating? 

If you’d like to organize one of these events for a group of your neighbors, email Lawrence Barriner II at and he’ll help you get it all figured out.

Are you interested in supporting this vision? 

Lawrence, the leader of this team, is looking for people to help spread the word about this project to other neighborhoods. If you’re interested in that, reach out to Lawrence Barriner II at or give him a call at 850.443.5020!

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